It’s Not All Love and Light

It’s Not All Love and Light was born out of my frustration with the harm I was seeing done in my extended community in regards to “Spiritual Bypass” a phrase coined by John Welwood.

Available for purchase.



This original acrylic painting is from my “Space for All Conference” Series. I was inspired to create new word art that reflected my feelings at the time about all that I was experiencing, learning, and unlearning in regards to racism/anti-racism, colonization/uncolonization, and toxic patriarchy.

This particular painting expresses my angst about the “faux” spiritual scene and the harm that goes on in these communities.

Acrylic on Masonite 9″x12″ with a hand carved/hand stamped colorful background using acrylic paint to create the pattern. Minimum Price is $50 to cover my basic costs of making the piece and if you can afford more please pay according to your budget for art and heart! It’s my way of opting out of the “Capitalist Model” and my desire to make art affordable.

Thank you for looking!