I would love to work on a commissioned painting for you! Below are some examples of my past commissions. In many ways this is a collaborative and exciting experience for both of us! Here’s how the process works:

• You come up with an idea of what you’d like me to paint (I can help you with with that part if you’d like me to)

• We discuss it in depth to find the right style, medium, size, that fits your budget and you put a deposit down of 1/2 (final 1/2 is paid when piece is finished + shipping) We also discuss a rough time frame for the painting to be completed by.

• I create a rough sketch and you get to make a couple of changes if need be, unless I’m working from a photo where the composition and image is going to be the same as the photo.

• I begin the painting and send you little snippets of details of the process

• You receive the painting!

• We will discuss how you will Frame the piece and if I cut the mat, get the plexiglass, or frame it, additional charges may apply and that will all be decided on before I finish the painting – although if you change your mind and want to frame it yourself – that is also an option (and may be a preferable one because you may want to see it in person before deciding on a frame or how to display it)

Let me know if you are interested and we can start creatively brainstorming it soon! <3