Current Classes


Testimonials from Students:

“I have been really enjoying your classes so much! I find that I am addicted to playing in my small multi media sketchbook and can’t stop! Making art this way is so relaxing,  I find myself just forgetting all my worries and zoning out to art! Yay! Sorry, I haven’t been present for the zoom session due to scheduling, but I love watching y’all on youtube. I love your style of teaching and how you’re frank about not working with a certain media or whatever. But, I love all the techniques! I was up in northern WI on a clean lake full of lotus and water lilies last week. I was sketching water lilies all week and then so pleased that you chose that for your examples in week 5. I usually do your classes in the morning which work for my energy, creative level. – M’Lou

“I was very lucky to have the opportunity to take Jennifer Mazzucco’s mandala workshop. It is very inspiring and well taught. Jennifer is patient and methodical, making complicated art methodologies seem simple for even novices like me. Her approach is kind and spiritual, bringing out the best in every students. I felt like meditating while creating my art piece. After the workshop, Jennifer continued to give supports and encouragements, and provided forums for students to share their mandala experiences. Her wisdom, kindness, as well as her artistic and creative talents, shine through her workshop and her forum. Students not only learned the art skills, but are also inspired to continue in the path long after the workshop has concluded. I felt truly blessed to have the opportunity to participate in Jennifer’s class. Thank you Jennifer!” – Liz

Jennifer’s classes inspired me to get back into painting and drawing and have helped me to develop creatively. She has a wide and deep range of artistic skills and the ability to make new and familiar mediums accessible to her students in a focused, fun and supportive way. Every class she shares helpful tips large and small ranging from information about materials to how to create particular visual effects. She is passionate about teaching and is a caring observer of her students work, answering questions and providing suggestions when needed. The videos are great for being able to go back and practice. So thankful for her many creative offerings! – Lisa

I’m so excited that my art teacher Jennifer Mazzucco is offering 2 new classes, and by donation. [Take that, capitalistic culture!] The biggest benefit I’ve found is that I’m learning to SEE (truly see) and finding I am more willing to take risks, as in: what will happen if I try THIS? And color! I’m a sucker for color. I just bought a new set of watercolors and so excited to explore with them.”  – Kim