101 Color Wheel Series

Color Wheel Series

What once began as an act of self-preservation in my art practice has transformed into a curiosity of the relationship between color and surface texture. I’m often surprised by the nuanced shifts that occur as layers overlap as I relinquish control to allow the medium to dictate its own course. The wheel, whether depicted as concentric circles or radiant spokes, serves as a grounding symbol offering sanctuary and stability. Drawing upon two decades of immersion in Tibetan and Hindu artistic traditions, I infuse my work with a sense of reverence, channeling devotion into the elemental forces of art: color, line, shape, texture, and space. This journey reconnects me to the artistic lineage of my ancestors, who sought unity and order within the chromatic spectrum. I have gratitude for pioneers such as Albers, Klint, Kandinsky, Delaunay, and Thomas whose art and study of hue inspires me to deepen my own exploration of color’s infinite depths.