wondering, wandering, listening to the whispers within

beach + karma

today i wandered on the beach… wondering where i will end up living, pondering karma (after an experience i had with a dentist), and trying to listen to the whispers within that will inevitably answer all of my questions… the sunset was healing, the waves lapping against the sand soothed my rustled nerves, and the warm water on my toes felt like a familiar hug.  as my Novocain wore off, so did the tension in my body… reminding me once again that EVERYTHING is impermanent.

it’s been a long time since i’ve posted on my blog. 2012 was filled with a lot of change, which included a divorce, the sale of my house, the death of my beloved kitty of 17 years, leaving my teaching job of 9 years and a big journey out west.  i didn’t feel comfortable writing about all of this on my blog, mostly due to feeling an intense need to go within and partially because i was keeping a daily art journal, which was way more therapeutic for me than typing on a computer.

but to be honest… i miss blogging. i miss the community that i was beginning to become a part of online… so here’s my attempt at entering back into this world. i’d like to think that i will be able to reignite my passion for this unique way of expressing myself. hopefully i will be able to stick with it.

sending you all lots of hugs from a wandering, wondering, pondering gypsy.