Sat. Paper Ornament Workshop

DATE: Saturday, October 22, 12 – 3pm

Join us for Paper Ornament making FUN!!!

Available for purchase.



Saturday, October 22, 12 – 3pm

Join me in making 3D paper sculptures that you can gift to loved ones this holiday season! We will be using any kind of paper you want – from up-cycling old watercolor painting, using that awesome paper you got on a whim to use for some special purpose, or white to decorate later! All you need is scissors, paper, glue, ruler, pencil, and an X-Acto blade (opt.) for this fun 1/2 day workshop! Video will be available for those who can’t make it live.

This is an adult workshop, but teens are welcome to participate as well. Children under 13 may accompany an adult taking the course or be accompanied by an adult.

COST: BY DONATION (students have been paying anywhere from $5 – $50 per class which comes out to $20-$200 for the whole course.) Please pay what matches your financial means and needs, even if you cannot afford to pay.

DATE: Saturday, October 22, 12 – 3pm

Each class will be recorded that day and the link to view it will be sent along with the notes from the class each week. Recorded classes are only available to those who register for the class so we can keep a safe and nurturing space for those to express themselves.


Bring whatever paper you would like to work with – watercolor paper works best! You can also bring old finished or unfinished watercolor paintings, canvas (not with hard backing), fabric, collage artworks – if you don’t have any and still want to take the course you can just use plain watercolor paper, handmade paper, thin cardboard, canvas material.


old brush for gluing

X-Acto Knife


Sewing machine OR needle and thread

Toothpicks or skewers – these are optional

Anything you’d like to decorate your art with:

beads, sequins, stickers, fancy yarn, paint pens, any kind of color making tools…

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