Ocean Waves

“Ocean waves”

is an Original Watercolor Painted by Jennifer Mazzucco with Love

4 1/4 ” x 6″ on acid free watercolor paper. It comes signed with stiff backing + inside plastic sleeve

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To see more details and to calculate your “Name your price” please read the full description of the painting below.

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This painting measures 4 1/4 ” x 6″ and is painted with watercolor (and love) on 140lb Cold Press Acid Free Paper.

It was painted during (and after) one of my Zoom Art Watercolor Classes during the pandemic. It depicts waves crashing to the shore with pink and brown speckled sand painted from my imagination. Painting during the pandemic has brought so much peace to my mind and joy to my heart – it has been my daily practice + medicine. I hope this little painting finds a home and brings the same to its new owner.

It will come to you signed, with a stiff backing the same size as the painting, and safely inside a plastic sleeve. It is recommended that you have it matted, framed, and hang or display it out of any direct sunlight for maximum protection. Acid free matting will help keep the paper from yellowing after time and will also serve to keep the glass away from the painting. Glass put directly onto the paper can cause moisture to ruin the painting and the paper after time. Non-glare glass or plexiglass will help to reduce the reflection of lights or other objects and help you enjoy it more when it’s hanging on the wall.

I am participating in a “Pay what you can” model which for me is more like “Pay with your heart”. I fully believe that everyone should be able to afford to own original art and I’m doing my best to cultivate something other than the capitalist model we are used to. I also understand that many people may not know how to come to a price in this way (it’s new for me too!) So in all of my painting descriptions I will put the hours I spent on making it including packing it up and sending it out (time), materials – what it took to make the image, and a price range to give you an idea.

Time: 3 hours

Materials used: Paint brushes, paper, Sennelier + Daniel Smith watercolors, artist’s tape, pencil, eraser

Suggested price range: $75 – $150 (You get to name your price, but there is a minimum to ensure I at least break even on the materials and shipping)

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