Join us to journal about our neuro-spicy minds!

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STARTS Friday, September 8th!


Art-making has been vital to me during the process of getting evalutated for ADHD. In this class we will explore all things related to our journeys of getting to know our (or others’) neurodivergent minds including struggles, triumphs, + empowerment. All you need is a journal + color media of your choice. Journaling prompts + techniques will be shared. No art experience or formal evaluation necessary. Come as you are no matter where you are on the path!

NOTE: this is not a therapy class or an educational class on adhd – although it has the possibility of being therapeutic and I’m sure we will learn a lot from each other! You also don’t have to have a diagnosis of ADHD to join us. You are invited if you have friends, family members, students, or community members that are struggling or thriving as Neurodivergent folx and you are interested in being in a like-minded community.

COST:  By Donation (students have been paying anywhere from $5 – $50 per class which comes out to $20-$200 for the whole course.) Please pay what matches your financial means and needs, even if you cannot afford to pay.

DATES: Fridays, September 8, 15, 22, 29. 5 – 7pm Pacific Time

Each class will be recorded and you will get a link to it so you can have it for future reference

SUPPLIES:  You get to choose what media you want to work in. Some suggestions are; watercolor, oil pastels, neocolor 2 water based pastels, intense pencils, ink, markers (links below)

Inktense pencils (Watercolor pencils that turn to permanent ink),-4mm-core,-metal-tin,-12-count

Derwent Inktense Paints: (any water based paints will do – I love these!)

Tombow Brush Markers (or any kind of marker- these are water based)

Colored pencils (any kind/brand will do – these are waxed based):

NeoColor 2 Waterbased Pastels

Oil Pastels: Any brand will do!

Watercolor: Any brand will do! (suggestion below)

Affordable Vibrant Watercolor set: (note, I don’t usually support Amazon, but can’t seem to find these other than on Ebay for way too much $… There are similar brands out there, but this one came highly recommended by a student)

Set of watercolors in a metal case: (white pan below)

White pan of watercolor (if you buy set above):

Brushes: (the above Derwent Inktense Paint sets come with an aquarelle brush so you do not need to buy one if you are getting a set)

JOURNAL: (use any mixed media or watercolor paper/journal of your choice – the thicker the paper the better!)



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