rest in eternal peace

575618_271715522917540_1594465514_nthis past week Shyamdas, a special soul left his physical form in india, after an accident on his motorcycle in Goa. He was a teacher, a kirtan wallah, and friend to many… He was an art collector, a business man, a scholar, a writer of many books and so many other things…

but most of all for me, he was a conduit.   he inspired me to go deeper into my own practice of bhakti, (a devotional practice of singing the names of god) to awaken that love within my own heart… i learned to sing and dance with just a little more abandon… he did that by sharing his own love and devotion of krishna and radha with us all…

i only had one day with him in govardhan hill where he shared his home with me for an afternoon… he showed me artwork he had commissioned from rajasthani artists – beautiful paintings of krishna, read to me from a new book he was writing, took me on a walk around the parikrama where i had an outer body experience and fed me prasad from the temple below his house. he treated me like a daughter, making sure i had enough covering so that the mosquitoes wouldn’t bite me while we meditated on the lake, gave me vitamin c drink because i was feeling ill and made sure that his driver got me safely back to my ashram.

it’s just proof that the saying is true… it’s not what someone says or does for you that will make you remember them, it’s how they made you feel.  if he was willing to do this for a total stranger, i can’t even imagine the love he gave to his close friends and family.  after that day, i never got the chance to spend time with him in that same way, but whenever i sang kirtan with him, he acknowledged me with a tiny spark in his eyes, as if he was honoring me on my path of being a bhakta. that’s all i really needed from him… that and the seed he and so many others plant into my heart that a life of devotion is the only way to live… and it’s all up to ourselves to find out what that life will look like.

radhe shyam –  may your soul go into it’s next destination with utter love and peace.  i found this photo on f.b., wish i could know who took it to give credit, but it shows him already at peace before he left his body. thank you shyamdas and thank you to all of my teachers.