Sunday Morning Class January

Printmaking can be a magical and addictive way to make multiples or a cohesive series of art! We will play with ways to create multi layered prints applying age-old methods to new materials. Artists no longer need a big press and fully equipped studios to make this kind of art, which is groundbreaking!!! This class is great for visual journaling techniques, card making, for those who have always wanted to carve your own stamps, or for those who have always been curious about the wonderful world of printmaking as an art medium. 

This is an adult course, but teens are welcome to participate as well. Children under 13 may accompany an adult taking the course.

COST: By Donation (students have been paying anywhere from $5 – $50 per class which comes out to $20-$200 for the whole course. Please pay what matches your financial means and needs. No on turned away due to lack of funds.

DATES: We will meet 4 Sundays; January 10, 17, 24, 31 – 11am-1pm Pacific Time 

Each class will be recorded that day and the link to view it will be sent along with the notes from the class each week. Recorded classes are only available to those who register for the class so we can keep a safe and nurturing space for those to express themselves.


INK: (you can buy whatever colors you choose in the smallest quantity – 2.5 OZ tubes gold is a fun option!)

Here’s a set:

Separate colors:

stamp rubber (1 is enough for this class)

carving tool:


Use any kind of watercolor or mixed media paper you would like to use.–9-x-12-spiral-bound-15-sheets/

Gelli Plate (optional! you can also use a ziplock baggie and get a similar output)

3×5” plate is recommended for beginners:

ink roller:

palette: (You can also use a piece of plexi glass, a cookie sheet, or any other flat surface to roll the ink out )



Gelli plate stencils

Kitchen sponge

Scissors or extact-o blade

ziplock bag: medium size (in place of the Gelli plate or along side of)

bubble wrap if you have any:)

old comb

old credit card

one or two veggies: (we will talk about that during class)

Stamp pads

Acrylic paints

Gouache paints

Hair blow-dryer

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