Paper Strip Sadhana

photo(8)i’m five days into my new daily ritual of choosing one concept to focus on and i am loving this practice.  because my brain is all over the place, during the day, i can often feel exhausted by evening without even physically ‘doing’ much… along with this paper strip sadhana, i am also doing the ‘i am’ meditation that i learned at the Amma retreat. that is helping with the monkey mind a little bit, and i’m sure as times passes and i stay as dedicated as i can to it, i will see more progress with that.

we only have one life in this body… i want to spend my time here going deeper within, exploring the self and its relationship with others in a more profound way and hopefully become more aware. hopefully + eventually i will be able to experience higher levels of consciousness.

what does that mean? not sure, but i’m enjoying the process of trying to find out… i feel a bit vulnerable sharing this with others… but as an artist, a social person, and well… just being me – it makes sense to put it out there into the universe.  i get inspired by and love reading about how others experience their own spiritual path.  i wish you well on yours today…