Sunday Morning Class (AUG)

Mandala Inspired: Starting SUNDAY August 9th! 11am-1pm

In this Mandala Inspired Course we will explore circular and symmetrical/asymmetrical art spanning the globe throughout history. Each student will gather symbols, images, shapes, and words (optional) that have meaning and design their own personalized Mandala inspired drawing. We will work towards a finished color piece of artwork (finishing the image is not mandatory as the process is as important as the finished product!) Students may choose to work in an abstract or representational style or combine the two.

Students will follow specific guided methods to create the drawing by using transferring and tracing techniques for their symbols/designs. No previous art skills are needed.

Students may use time between each class to practice what they have learned and continue working on their own. This method can be used in the future to create more similar works of art!

The tools you will need are a pencil, eraser, ruler, tracing paper, scissors, tape, and a permanent thin black pen (optional). Color is optional and each student may use whatever media they love (color pencils, watercolor, Inktense pencils, marker, and or gouache are some options). We can go over some simple techniques for using materials, but please choose something you have a basic knowledge of and comfort with – below you will see some links to these options)

This is an adult course, but teens are welcome to participate as well (with a parent would be fun!) Please contact Jennifer to discuss if this is the right fit for your child younger than 13. Younger students need to be accompanied by an adult.

COST: By Donation (students have been paying anywhere from $5 – $50 per class which comes out to $20-$200 for the whole course. Please pay what matches your financial means and needs. No on turned away due to lack of funds.

DATES: We will meet 11am-1pm on 4 Sundays, August 9, 16, 23, 30

Each class will be recorded that day and the link to view it will be sent along with the notes from the class each week. Recorded classes are only available to those who register for the class so we can keep a safe and nurturing space for those to express themselves


Pencil (any kind will do)

Sharpener (any kind will do)

Black permanent pen (any kind will do) I like Micron pens (any size will do

Eraser (kneaded, white, mechanical, or any eraser you prefer)

Compass (or something to make a circle big enough to fit the size paper you want to work with)

Tracing Paper (very helpful for the process we will be doing!)

Paper: I suggest illustration board or watercolor paper, but mixed media or drawing paper will be fine. It depends on whether or not you want to use color that will need water to activate it.

Some suggestions for color media:

Inktense pencils (Watercolor pencils that turn to permanent ink),-4mm-core,-metal-tin,-12-count

Woodless watercolor pencils (or any kind of water based pencils)

Tombow Brush Markers (or any kind of marker- these are water based)

Colored pencils (any kind/brand will do – these are waxed based):

Illustration board:

my favorite is: Crescent Illustration Board




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Thank you!

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