Wednesday Morning Class

In this course we will explore emphasis, balance, contrast, pattern, rhythm, and unity using the color medium of your choice. We will dive deep into how to use each of these principles of art with the goal of making a more dynamic or unified composition when using them all together.

During each class we will focus on 2 Principles of Art at a time. I will provide inspiring examples of a diverse range of artists and notes about each principle and then we will have a “free draw” time at the end to express yourself using what you have learned. Sharing what you have drawn at the end of each class is optional. You may choose to use a *media that you are already comfortable with or experiment with a new one. Along with the Principles of Art I will be introducing and going over very basic techniques for a variety of media; NeoPastels 2 (water based crayons), Inktense pencils (permanent ink based pencils), Portfolio Pastels (water based oil crayons), colored pencils or simple oil pastels (craypas).

No art skills are necessary, but a basic understanding of the Elements of Art will be helpful which are: line, shape, color, texture, space, value. (*this is not a painting course, if you choose to use paint please use one that you are very familiar with)

This is an adult course, but teens are welcome to participate as well. Children under 18 may accompany an adult taking the course (please talk to me about this, as it is a 2 hour course and some concepts may be challenging)

COST: By Donation (students have been paying anywhere from $5 – $50 per class which comes out to $20-$200 for the whole course. Please pay what matches your financial means and needs. No on turned away due to lack of funds.

DATES: We will meet on Wednesdays; May 27, June 3, June 10, June 17 

Each class will be recorded that day and the link to view it will be sent along with the notes from the class each week. Recorded classes are only available to those who register for the class so we can keep a safe and nurturing space for those to express themselves. 

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