back to cyber earth

back from my silent retreat…
not that my 5 days of silence
wasn’t reality…
in fact it was pure reality…
sometimes anxious
sometimes at peace
a lot of stillness
a little bit of boredom
tons of reading
mostly about 
the various paths
i have been a student of
these past years
some writing
mostly drawing
cooking vegetables from the farm
across the river
a walk along the creek
a walk along the river
spending time taking care
of animals
mostly a bunny
who stole by heart
too much thinking
my brain reaching out to
millions of random thoughts
that sometimes played out
stories and sometimes just
pondered and moved on.
ideas… so many… and epiphanies too
a struggle to stay away from technology
in its purest of ways
in abundance
stay tuned for more as i process the experience…