colorful women…

hi all, i’m finally back from india… it was an amazing trip… a few words to describe my second journey are: colorful beautiful heartbreaking intense educational mindblowing exciting scary incredible heartwarming healing gentle loud peaceful challenging friendly helpful creative larger Read More …


hi all! here are some photos from my journey so far… there are no words to describe the experiences i have been blessed  with here. hopefully i will find the words soon. love you all!!! xojennifer

Art Class

Jenn asked me to post this link of photos of her teaching art to her new crew in India.  Enjoy.  -=W=-

gratitude from india

Ok. Time for a gratitude list… I am so thankful for:1. Will and his support2. Being able to share my journey even though the photos are sideways and grainy..3. The sparkling smiles of all of the children today. The purest Read More …

me +ganesh.jpg

I have finally made it to india! Look who welcomed me at my first stop! Hello from far away. Come along with me by checking in. Hope to post often. Love and hugs, jennifer

Greetings from jfk

Round number two not looking promising… If you have it in your heart can I please have a collaborative hopeful vibe from all? Those vibes can be so helpful! Just an inconvenience… Met some really cool people!