photo(3)there are many kinds of love… self love, love for your partner, love for your parents and family, love for your pet, love for your neighbor, love for a stranger on the street, love for god, love for doing things you are passionate about…. etc.

yet the english language only has one word for it… which is LOVE.

the ego inside me wants there to be measuring spoon, a way to calculate how much love you have for each one of those… this creates a separation, confusion and suffering.

but my soul wants to love all beings and things the same, because they are all one. it is a single concept – to have intense care, compassion, feelings, devotion to, warmth, longing to be with, gratitude for… and so on.

is this too lofty of a goal? i have faith that it is not, and if i have to practice this concept for the rest of my life i hope to come close to understanding it and acting upon it even if for just one moment…

even in a state of a broken heart, i believe that i can love fully and welcome in any love that is gifted to me by anyone.  for it is love that will heal that brokenness…

i once heard that a broken heart is just the divine (God) calling you home… i would add to that, ‘calling you home to love’.

my wish today for every living being is that they are safe, loved and free from suffering. may you all feel love, give love and be love.


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