13000 giveaway

i meant to do this when my blog finally made it to 13000 hits,
better late than never…
so as a thank you to people who visit…
i’d like to give away some art and other things…
the winner will be chosen at random
and will receive a little bag with things in it including
some hand printed cards, music and a hanuman chalisa booklet.
all you have to do is leave a comment with an answer to this question:
what brings you up, when you are down?
please be sure to leave your email address too!
deadline is this friday 7/8/11
thank you!!!


i was planning on doing a giveaway when
my blog reached 10,000 hits… and that time
is finally here! (although i bet many of those hits are
mine from checking in on my inspirational blogger sidebar:)
to show my gratitude for those of you who
do visit me, i am going to fill this with fun things
and send it to the winner!
please leave a comment about
one thing that makes you happy 
and i will randomly pick a winner by
next friday, november 19th…
also, if i don’t have it already, please leave me
your email!
with so much gratitude…


5 of my favorite words:
shanti (peace)
prem (love)
what are your 5 favorite words?
if you leave a comment with 5 of your favorite words,
i will randomly pick a winner.
then i will randomly pick one of your favorite words
and paint it on the back of this “shanti reminder sign”
and send it to you.
the deadline is Thursday, March 4th


ok, i have been telling myself for a while now that
i would do a giveaway… and i was inspired by my friend
karin who just made a beautiful book, only to give it away
to one lucky person…

and lately, i’ve been thinking about the meaning of my blog…
what do i mean by this?
i believe that we get reminders from the universe,
but this past one put me out for a few days… and if
i were more aware, i wouldn’t have to wait til the big intense
one… so i’m going back to my roots.

you may ask, “reminders for what?”
reminders to be:
here in this moment
listening to our voices within
a part of a community
the peace we wish to see in the world…
and so much more…

so, i am giving away this sign
painted with acrylic on wood approx. 6″x8″
to be finished with some fancy little details
after the winner is chosen to “personalize” it a bit more…

so please leave a one word comment
any word will do… the first one that comes to mind?
or after looking through a favorite book.
don’t think too hard;)
any word…

and i will randomly choose one winner by
friday, July 31st at midnight

try not to leave an anonymous comment, cuz it might be hard to find
the winner that way. please leave a link where i can find you.