Jennifer Mazzucco, a NJ native, is a devotional artist who deeply respects and is inspired by the cultural arts of India and Tibet. Early in her career as an illustrator Jennifer’s main passion was the marriage of image and the written word. During this time she also spent her time running her own community art space and worked with non-profit centers. She became an adjunct art professor and earned a masters degree of education, finding teaching to be her second calling in life. After nine years of facilitating middle school children to follow their creative hearts, showing her work in galleries and multiple trips to India, she made her way out west. Jennifer is now nestled amongst the redwoods near the coast of Northern CA where she has transformed a former kindergarten classroom into a home/studio called PRASADA. There, she hosts community art experiences, kirtan, and creates commissions for beautiful souls. For Jennifer, creativity continues serve as a conduit to healing, tool for mindfulness and a beautiful way to connect with the divinity within.


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